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Cowell Jade and Gemstone

The Cowell Jade Motel also offers an extensive showroom full of Jade jewellery, carvings and samples. In addition to Jade, we also have other semi-precious gemstones on offer, including Amethyst, Abalone Shell and Malachite just to name a few. Also on display are a selection of Australian Made hardwood paintings and clocks to suit all tastes. Our range of gemstone articles are too numerous to list, it really must be seen to be truly admired. All pieces are on sale, and prices as marked. Bill, the proprietor, has had 28 years experience in the industry and can answer any and all queries regarding any of the pieces on display.




This was a fantastic place to visit whilst in Cowell and it's recommend that all Jewelry lover's or fossickers drop through to see the Jade and Jadeite on offer here Price's are okay and you can easily get a gift for someone special Also such a freindly Young Man who takes the time to welcome you to Cowell and if your in need of some knowledge of the area he's one of the best people in town to ask.

Josh Haynes


A young fella owns the shop and his mum is at the shop front, lovely people and happy to help find you something that suits your taste whether it’s green/black jade, lots of simple designs and not expensive.

Jade Berry


Manager and staff are very kind and polite, very accommodating to our needs and rooms were clean and comfortable. The Jade display is definitely worth stopping in for too. Will definitely be back & recommend to others.

Ebonii Osborn

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